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All-Net League Expectations


Thanks for your interest in the Sequoia NJB All-Net program. We are excited to provide some of our players an opportunity to participate in this competitive league and to represent the Sequoia chapter.

Given that All-Net has very limited spots, we want to ensure all players and their parents understand and discuss some key expectations associated with the All-Net team.

  • All-Net basketball will be the player’s top priority sport once fall sports (such as soccer, football, etc.) have wrapped up.
  • The player will attend at least 80% of the team’s practices and games. Failure to attend any practices for unexcused reasons may affect playing time in the games.
  • The player will maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher in your most recent report cards (once in October & once in January). Note that this is a National NJB requirement and players will be excused from the team if they do not meet the GPA minimum.
  • The player will not be guaranteed any specific amount of playing time in the games.  Each coach will determine their player rotation, will communicate that to the players, and should not be confronted by parents about playing time at any time.
  • The coach will hold a kick off meeting with the parents at the beginning of the season, at which time the coach will describe their coaching philosophy and any team-specific expectations.  Each family should plan to have at least one parent attend that meeting.
  • The player and parents should feel comfortable communicating directly with their coach.  If there are any issues that are not resolvable directly with your coach, then the All-Net coordinators and members of the Sequoia NJB Board will be available and open to suggestions.

Ultimately, Sequoia NJB believes in helping each individual player reach their potential within the context of a competitive team environment.  We hope that laying out these expectations helps everyone – the players, parents and coaches – have a better All-Net experience. 

If a player is chosen on an All-Net team, the All-Net Coordinator will provide a copy of these expectations that both the player and parent will need to sign and return.  Good luck in tryouts!